Robert Irwin terrifies Fallon with more animal antics


Steve Irwin's son has once again proved he's a hit with television audiences after terrifying Jimmy Fallon with a giant Burmese python.

Robert Irwin, who has been on The Tonight Show twice before, was invited back for a thanksgiving special over the weekend.

This time the 13-year-old upped his game, making Fallon cuddle a feisty anteater and feed peanuts to a porcupine. However the best was saved for last when the young wildlife warrior invited four of the show's band members onto the stage.

There, he made them line up and hold out their hands. Animal handlers then plonked a giant snake into the group's outstretched hands.

"This is the cutest animal on earth," young Irwin said. "Isn't she gorgeous? How incredible is she?"

But Fallon wasn't having any of it, muttering that the stunt was "insane". Not even the slippery creature's name - Butterscotch - could win him over.

"I'm just thinking of running away right now," he said.

Late night hosts are often locked in a fierce ratings battle in the US. While Robert has repeatedly said he doesn't want to copy his father's career, the fact the chipper teen has been invited onto The Tonight Show several times can only do wonders for future opportunities.

More than a million people have watched the python clip on YouTube, while many more would have seen the segment live.

Fallon's program isn't the only US program to feature the son of the late Crocodile Hunter. Back in June, Irwin made headlines for confusing Family Feud host Steve Harvey with his pronunciation of "car".

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