Your say: Letters to the editor

Rail service frustration

The new train timetable for residence in the Southern Highlands is by no means an improvement. 

It is the complete opposite with less morning trains that will arrive in Sydney before and after 9am. 

It is also interesting press articles highlighting carparking in the Campbelltown and Macacarthur stations have 20 per cent occupancy by Wollondilly and Wingecarribee residents and calling for action.

It appears that to rectify the needs of the Western Sydney, City Rail is reducing the service level to the Southern Highlands lines. 

The Southern Highlands line is already overcrowded and has very limited, if any, 'Express Service" to the city.

One begs the Question as to what input the the local members for Goulburn and Wollondilly had on behalf of their constituents on the reduction of services/deplorable timetabling or are they just going to accept the 'spin' of Executive?

Rob Barton 


From the web:

Station Street concerns ‘escalated’ to state government

Station street currently has problems for cyclists which will only be made much worse by the proposed design.

In this day and age of reducing fossil fuel use to address climate change we need to increase our use of bicycles.

It helps our health as well. 

The proposed design has no shoulders nor bike lanes and council has not thought through how you make it easy for cyclists to access the main shopping and business precinct.

The proposal that Kirkham road meets cyclists needs is absurd because it bypasses the problem.

Central to the problem is the design which makes it less safe than the existing situation and does not meet any criteria for "safety in design" - it makes things worse and puts our lives at risk.

Robert Parker