It's as if Karl Stefanovic wants everyone to know about his vasectomy

In a week when the most talked about subjects are the celebrations surrounding a "yes" vote for same-sex marriage and the Socceroos qualifying for the World Cup, how does the story of Karl Stefanovic's vasectomy keep rearing its ugly head?

Because the Channel Nine Today show host won't stop harping on about it.

The divorced father-of-three, 43, decided to undergo the surgical sterilisation eight or nine years ago when he was still married to Cassandra Thorburn, 46.

Now that he has taken up with shoe designer Jasmine Yarbrough, 33, Woman's Day claimed that he flipped his snip on a recent trip to Los Angeles and that Yarbrough was pregnant with her first child, showing off her bump at Melbourne Cup.

Stefanovic (in the form of his manager) slammed the report, calling it "bullshit".

KIIS 1065's Kyle Sandilands also reached out to Stefanovic to find out about the news.

"Another load of shit from Woman's Day. Pretty hard to get preggers when you're shooting blanks," Stefanovic replied in a text, according to Sandilands.

Surprised by the fact that Sydney's famed shock jock, best known for discussing private lives on the airwaves for the past two decades, read out his text as public fodder, Stefanovic had another message for him.

"Our personal messages end up on your bloody show. You know, I've never trusted you, Kyle Sandilands," he said.

It's as if Stefanovic wants to keep the public's focus firmly on his rewire, maybe it's a new play for ratings.

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