Perry: 'Not right' to dress Paris Jackson for Cup Day

It was the talk of Melbourne Cup Day, when Myer guest Paris Jackson, daughter of the late King of Pop Michael Jackson, refused to wear a custom-made dress by the department store's top designer, Alex Perry.

Fairfax Media initially broke the story, which Myer tried to dampen, while a Jackson handler wanted the story pulled.

But the man behind the debacle Alex Perry explained to Fairfax Media at his induction into the Australian Fashion Walk of Style at Jackie's Cafe in The Intersection Paddington this week that an Alex Perry dress would not have suited the 19-year-old anyway, even though she wore one of his gowns for a pre-racing magazine cover shoot.

"If I had dressed her I think it would have been terrible and not right for who she is and what she stands for ... She is younger, boho, the Morrison [dress] that she wore was perfect for her," he said.

"You can't put her in an Alex Perry lady dress and strap her in and put a pair of high heels on her, it's not right for what that girl is."

Describing it as "a fashion storm in a teacup", he believes "a mistake was made by someone at some point saying she was wearing Alex Perry but it wasn't confirmed".

He said Jackson tried to apologise, but he wouldn't hear of it.

"She was so sweet. We hugged and chatted after and we had a really good talk about it. She went to apologise and I went, 'don't, there's no point, I would not have expected to dress you anyway. I would have expected to dress [model and Emirates guest] Lara Stone, but I would not have expected to dress you,'" Perry said.

Perry, who has been working in the fashion industry for 24 years ("that's 80 years in fashion years," he laughed) described his induction into the Australian Fashion Walk of Style as a "pinch-me moment".

"It is really nice to be recognised within your own industry, you don't really need it, but when it happens it is nice to know that people think of you," he said.

While he promises to keep up the plaque's maintenance: "I do come to Jackie's on a Saturday so I might pop in with a Brasso and give it a shine."

His long time friend and fellow designer Camilla Franks was also awarded on the night by The Intersection's owner Theo Onisforou for 15 colourful years in the industry.

"It's very humbling. It feels nice that my prints and designs are being recognised and now set in stone," she said.

At six months pregnant, the Kaftan Queen is getting ready to take some time off to welcome her first child with her fiance, Welsh artist and musician, JP Jones.

"I am starting to feel the pressure," she said rubbing her back.

She said she was feeling excited, but also apprehensive of pending motherhood.

"It is such a terrifying adventure, it is the fear of the unknown," she said.

"I feel very vulnerable and also excited at the same time and joyous. It is a mixture of every single emotion.

"But I think it has happened at the right time, I don't think I would have been ready before - a part of me still thinks I am a child but I don't think that any woman I have ever spoken to has ever said they are fully ready."

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