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Frustration over a decision not to broadcast council meetings is the focus of the latest letter submission.
Frustration over a decision not to broadcast council meetings is the focus of the latest letter submission.

‘Are we muzzled by corporate greed?’

Melbourne Cup Day, spent at Adelaide Airport waiting for the next plane going to Whyalla.

My dearest aunt has broken her pelvis and two vertebrae, and what can you do except come to her side with sheepskins (Axis Industries Bowral) and handmade chocolate (Bowral Café).

At 92 she’ll enjoy the comfort of the one and not worry about weight gain from the other.

Feeling a bit of a princess, albeit a tired one, I’ve been driven beautifully to Sydney Airport by Highlands Chauffeured Hire Cars.

It’s a bit of a treat but I’ll eat rice and fish heads for a month. Yum.

Seated now within the Coopers Alehouse restaurant, a huge plate of salt and pepper calamari before me I’ll never manage (perhaps I should ask for a doggy bag, for the fish head diet?) and a sizeable glass of D’Arenberg Chardonnay (which I will manage nicely), I’m recalling my check in experience at both Sydney and Adelaide Airports.

Only one service desk for check in at each.

“Where are all your people?” I wailed.

“Don’t get me started!” growled the silver haired Q suit over the counter.

“What about their jobs?” I persisted.

“5000 of ‘em lost,” he replied.

If he’d then added how much his CEO’s current salary ($20M plus) was, I’d have thought my hearing faulty.

What the dickens is happening to our country hey!

Where people get laid off and automation/selfserve is installed, all in the cause of greater shareholder and owner/executive profit?

At this rate there may need to be another white to drown my tears, let our wonderful vignerons at least do well.

And watching the limping Cup winner being led in by his jockey, the metaphor comes to me of a long limbed country being systematically muzzled by corporate greed.

Alexandra Springett


Webcast decision ‘frustrating’

I heard from a friend that streaming council meetings was discussed on Wednesday night (November 8) at council. 

I was unhappy to hear that the motion to webcast council was not approved, rather noted to come back to later. 

It's frustrating. If I could attend council every fortnight I would - but I have grandchildren to look after, animals to feed and a husband to look after.

Not to mention I live a 25 minute drive from the chamber. 

As a resident I feel I have the right to know what is going on in each meeting. 

I would like to see how these elected representatives are behaving, so I know whether to re-elect.

I want to see how things are done.

But I dont have that luxury, and boy do I want it!

I will keep a very close on this.

Why can't they webcast?

What are they trying to hide?

Why don't they want the community to know what they're doing?

Let’s also talk about space. 

I'd say the chamber could fit a maximum audience of 100 people, if more than 100 people came to a meeting would they just be sent home?

So many issues easily avoided if council simply webcast their meetings…

Carol Jordan


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