Delivering the good, the bad, the ugly news

Delivering the news can be challenging. There is joy in sharing the good news, but we also have to deal with the bad and sad news. News includes the good, the bad and the ugly.

There are many people who appreciate the opportunity to stay informed about what is happening in their community. That’s what we strive to do – keep the public informed in an easily accessible way that means they don’t have to rely on rumour and inuendo.

But we know that for virtually every story we publish there will be someone ready with a negative comment. “Must be a slow news days”, “who cares?”, the relatively new one “fake news” (thank you Donald Trump) – the list goes on. We have come to expect these comments and we cop it on the chin… after all everyone has a right to an opinion.

We know that if people don’t like what they read they will let you know. We know that if people do like what they read they will let you know. The comments, either way help us to appeal to the interests of our broad audience. It is blatantly obvious that we will never please all the people all the time. But isn’t that a motto for life in general.

One of the toughest choices our editorial team has made in recent times is to publish the story about a Highlands favourite, Ricky Garard being stripped of his third place title at the World CrossFit Games after failing a drug test. 

It was difficult because we have celebrated Ricky as a sports champion since his school days – athletics, rugby league and CrossFit. We know Ricky has always been a dedicated hard worker. These achievements shouldn’t be forgotten - his natural ability is obvious.

Sadly he made a mistake and is now paying for it. He announced it in a public forum on twitter and Facebook and we shared that information. That’s what happens when you are a public figure. You welcome the media sharing your successes, but you have to be prepared for your failings to also be acknowledged. If it was not out in the open the rumour mill would run rife behind the scenes. Once you become a poster boy or girl for others you are accountable for everything you do.

All credit to Ricky who spoke out in honesty about what has happened and his great disappointment. It has happened, a great lesson has been learned and hopefully Ricky’s strength and determination will shine through when it is most needed. 


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