Tina Arena's Wollongong concert floors fans

Australian songstress Tina Arena celebrated her 40-year career in front of a near sold out WIN Entertainment Centre in Wollongong on Friday.

Thousands packed the arena for her Greatest Hits concert and hits they received.

As the lights were dimmed the stage lit up with clips of Arena over the years as her band took to the stage in silhouette form.

Next a video from her “Tiny Tina” days with Young Talent Time popped up as the young star sang “Macarthur Park” – the last song she ever performed on the popular television show – before the modern-day Tina cut in sang the rest live drawing roars and applause from the crowd.

“Chains”, “Sorrento Moon”, “I Want To Know What Love Is”, “Now I Can Dance”, “Symphony of Life” and “I Need Your Body” were among the decades of songs performed – you’d be hard pressed not to have heard most of them and know at least some of the words.

Despite the high production of the show, exceptional musical interludes between costume changes, sequins and quips, Arena’s voice was indeed the star of the show – never missing a note or a beat.

Other highlights included Arena’s call for governments to chip in and give the WEC a much needed renovation. In her view it looked tired and was in need of some love which the crowd agreed.

During the later half of the show a production element paying homage to marriage equality popped up on the screen.

While some unusual items for sale on the merchandise stands included perfume and a scented candle – not available in stores and created over four years with love, according to the star.

The night ended with “You Set Fire To My Life” and most people on their feet with cheers and applause.

Earlier in the year Arena told the Illawarra Mercury she was reassessing her future, giving an inkling she may take the focus away from performing.

“My trajectory is about to change. So that’s not to say I won’t sing anymore but there are probably other things that i’ll do,” the singer said.

“I’ve never been one to plan my life within an inch of it.

“I have always allowed room for spontaneity because I think it’s always been part of my life, so where it’s going to take me I’ve got no idea.”

After a long time living overseas it’s believed the star is returning to her home town of Melbourne permanently.

Tina Arena performing at the WIN Entertainment Centre in Wollongong, Friday. Picture: Adam McLean

Tina Arena performing at the WIN Entertainment Centre in Wollongong, Friday. Picture: Adam McLean

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