John Waters “touched” by portraits | PHOTOS | VIDEO

After much anticipation, four regional artists revealed their portrait paintings of John Waters at the Bowral Art Gallery’s annual fundraiser.

More than 90 people came along to the Celebrity Portrait Reveal, held at the gallery on Wednesday evening, September 22. 

Kim Shannon, John Michael Brain, Pam Tippett and David Newman-White told the audience about the process of depicting John before the paintings, hidden behind blue drapes, were revealed. 

Although John did not pick a favourite on the night, instead lauding all four artists, the People’s Choice Award went to Pam Tippett, who painted John’s side-profile.

She said she must have painted John’s head “at least six times” over the five week period the artists were given. 

Artist Kim Shannon told the audience that while painting John’s portrait she was reminded of Greek artist El Greco. 

“What I ended up with was a composite of what I felt about John – his sort of seriousness but also his humanity because while he was sitting for us he most enjoyed talking about his children and his dogs,” she said.

John Waters described his reactions to the portraits as “really quite huge”. 

“I am quite overwhelmed by the work here. It’s kind of revealing to me to see how people have dug deep to not just depict what I look like, but also who I am” he said. 

“I think they are all, in their own way, accurate.”

The works are now displayed in the window of Brown Bookshop Bowral.