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Legacy says thanks

Highlanders share their thoughts on things that matter to them. Photo: file

Highlanders share their thoughts on things that matter to them. Photo: file

On behalf of Berrima District Division of Legacy, I am thanking residents in the Southern Highlands for their generosity during Legacy Week, August 27 to September 2. 

The support of the public for the families of veterans, who have given their lives or health, continues to allow Legacy to support them in many ways.

Legacy has been supporting the families of veterans for more than 90 years and Legacy’s help will be needed well into the future.

There is an increasing number of young families turning to Legacy for help as they attempt to keep their lives on course as their veteran spouse or parent deals with the personal ravages of active service.

Legacy provides practical, emotional and financial support to all in the Legacy family; from children through to ageing widows.

In particular, I would like to thank the students and friends of Berrima Legacy who stood on very cold days to sell our iconic badges, bears and other items.

If anyone missed us they can donate at www.legacyweekappeal.com.au or phone 9248 9009.

John Jones

President, Berrima District Division of Sydney Legacy

Water quality scrutiny

I listened with some interest to the discussions on today’s local radio around the State Government report on the water quality in parts of the Southern Highlands and the reaction to same by some of our elected councillors.

There were three sources of contamination identified in the report and their order of impact was (1) Dairy Farming; (2) Leakage from Council Sewerage Plants; and (3) Boral Mine. Guess which one attracted all the attention; you guessed it – The Boral Mine. The other two were apparently not mentioned or were assigned to obscurity. Excuses rained from the heavens; I didn’t understand it, I didn’t read it in that context; and on it goes.

Perhaps at the next council election all those standing for election should have to sit for a NAPLAN style exam to prove to the electors that they have the appropriate literacy and numeracy skills required to manage the affairs of the WSC. Not really surprising when one remembers the ‘COAL FREE SOUTHERN HIGHLANDS’ signs that grace the shires’ entrances and the proponents of those signs.

Denis Nosworthy

Unanswered questions

On September 20, along with many other Bowral and district residents I attended the community meeting to, as the information card said, "find out more and have your say" about the Station Street upgrade

Many intelligent and probing questions were asked and concerns expressed about the interpretation of the proposed upgrade. Most question tended to be answered with much the same jargonistic information; I was increasingly confused and, I guess others may have been too. The whole process left more questions than answers and increasing doubt about the wisdom of the project.

However, the most disquieting part of the evening was at the end of the meeting. The response by a senior council member to residents' concerns was, to me, dismissive and disparaging. It was delivered in a rude and arrogant manner and sent a strong message that our attendance was a waste of time and that decisions have already been made. 

Adrianne Hannan


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