It’s about more than just the tulips

It’s Tulip Time again. In fact we are now immersed in the Tulip Time Festival for the 57th year.

This is a Highlands celebration that relies on the weather for several reasons – most importantly comfortable, fine weather for people heading outdoors during the festival period and the right conditions to ensure the tulips bloom at precisely the right time.

Fine weather has been one of the blessings during the first few days of this festival, but unfortunately Mother Nature was not so kind in the lead up to the event. As such the tulips are a little slow blooming.

That gives us good reason to appreciate the many other qualities of this wonderful Highlands celebration that has people returning time and again. 

Many of the tulip blooms were still struggling to pop up on September 15, but a morning tea at the CWA cafe in the grounds of Corbett Gardens, proved a real treat for the Southern Highland News editorial team. A traditional Devonshire tea is always a welcome treat. There were also plenty of stall holders situated around the gardens.

Meanwhile a variety of entertainment scheduled during the two-week festival from September 12-24 will ensure a tulip time adventure is well worth the effort. 

Tulip Time itself has a special place in the Southern Highlands, but it is also a drawcard for so much more. It is a springtime event that entices people to get out and about, and hopefully encourages people to take in all that the Southern Highlands has to offer.

So you’ve step outside your front door, jumped in the car and headed to the centrepiece of this festival – Corbett Gardens. You’ve already done the hard part – getting motivated.

Now that you are out and about why not take a stroll down the main street, do some shopping at the many great shops and stop at one of the wonderful cafes or restaurants for lunch or even dinner.

But don’t stop there. When you hop back in your car don’t head straight home. Take the time to explore one or more of then many other wonderful towns and villages of the Southern Highlands. 

If you haven’t had your fill of gardens then you can also take a tour of the many open gardens located across the region. Here is a link to an interactive map to help you find your way around.