Commercial explosives amnesty ends

The explosives amnesty will end on September 14.
The explosives amnesty will end on September 14.

NSW Police are reminding the public the commercial explosives amnesty finishes on Thursday, September 14.

The amnesty was established so members of the public could legally and safely surrender explosives.

Commander of the Counter Terrorism and Special Tactics Command, Assistant Commissioner Mark Murdoch said it was pleasing to see members of the public readily calling their local police and letting them know of explosives they have on their property.

“I can’t emphasise this point enough - apart from being illegal, explosives can become more dangerous and unstable as they age.”

“They’re dangerous for the resident of the property and for the police or emergency service officers who get called.”

“While we’re pleased that members of the public are taking the opportunity of the amnesty to hand in illegal and dangerous explosives, we know there’s more out there,” Assistant Commissioner Murdoch said.

Assistant Commissioner Murdoch said the amnesty is not the result of any specific threat.

Below is a breakdown of the types of explosives surrendered to date:

  • Commercial Explosives – Excess of 146kg
  • Black Powder – Excess of 20kg 
  • Detonators – Excess of 4798
  • Safety Fuse – Excess of 985 metres 
  • Detonating Cord – Excess of 2130 metres

Members of the public who have explosives should contact their local police who will obtain details.

“As long as members of the public contact their local police before midnight on Thursday 14 September they will be covered by the amnesty.”

“Under no circumstances do we want members of the public moving explosives, or taking them to a police station. The Amnesty does not authorise the transportation of explosives and it is an offence to do so.”

The types of explosives covered by the amnesty include:

  • Black powder
  • Nitro-glycerine based explosives
  • Watergel and Emulsion explosives
  • Detonating cord
  • Detonators
  • Other commercial explosive items

Remember, the Commercial Explosives Amnesty will cease at midnight on Thursday 14 September, and members of the public who have possession of illegal explosives after that time can face prosecution.

Please contact your local police for further information, or watch the Youtube video at