Commander's Desk with Andrew Koutsoufis | August 18

Last Saturday our local police ran Operation JAX at the Goulburn Correctional Centre. Operation JAX is an initiative of the Hume LAC, working in partnership with NSW Corrective Services at Goulburn Correctional Centre. A total of 11 police, nine correctional officers, and four detection dogs were involved, targeting visitors introducing contraband. 

A total of 142 visitors attended the correctional centre and were screened prior to entry, resulting in nine persons being refused entry due to drug detections and positive indications to drugs, six persons arrested and charged with drugs offences, three warned for consorting, 51 vehicles searched, two suspended drivers, one positive driver drug test, two vehicles defected and 11 intelligence reports generated. 

We seized just under 20 grams of "ice", over 40 grams of steroids, some heroin, cannabis and buprenorphine. 

Goes to show some people never learn. This should send a clear message out to those who think they can introduce drugs into our local correctional centre. 

This also reflects the strong working relationship we have with our correctional officers. We work very closely with our colleagues from the jail to make sure the local facility is one of the most secure jails in the state.  

I have also recently visited the Berrima Gaol. It appears that because it’s such a lovely building the prisoners are pretty well behaved in there, ensuring they do not get moved somewhere else due to playing up. A heads up for those planning to visit prisoners at Berrima Gaol in the future: we are also planning to conduct an Operation JAX there. If you choose to bring contraband into the gaol you will put at risk both your and the prisoner's future.  

Some very good arrests through our area recently from our officers who are clearly out and about disrupting crime. A 45 year-old male was arrested at Welby with over 20 grams of ice. What the hell is a 45 year-old doing getting involved with ice? You think he would be over it by now!!