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Share your thoughts in letters to the editor on situations that matter to you. Photo: file

Share your thoughts in letters to the editor on situations that matter to you. Photo: file

To Berlio O’Brien's dear friends and family, we love you and thank you all for being here to support us. On July 19 our mother and friend died tragically. On August 3 we said goodbye and farewelled her.

Today we want to acknowledge and thank the emergency services who attended the accident. We also wanted to say thank you to her local community for all their kind words and support and take comfort to know her spirit will live on in each of us.

Robyn, Ziggy, Engelien and Juliana

Euthanasia concern

The Victorian government plans to legalise intentional killing or assisted suicide of people with intolerable symptoms expected to die within 12 months…

The 12 months life-expectancy criterion will mean a premature death based on somebody’s guesstimate.

A similar law in the US state of Oregon - described by the government as an example of safeguards working - is not working very well. For example, Oregon victims often do not, in practice, have intolerable pain. In 2016, nearly half (48%) of those whose death resulted from taking prescribed lethal medication gave “being a burden” on family and carers as a motive for requesting death.

We don’t really want that happening here. At least we shouldn’t want it.

Arnold Jago

‘Not at the expense of our green spaces’

Re letter from Mr Henry (SHN August 7) and his rejection of the concerns of residents regarding the DA for the Southern Highland’s Winery in Sutton Forest. Firstly, reiterating an architect’s qualifications and achievements in other countries is irrelevant to the assessment of the suitability of a particular development to the Southern Highlands of New South Wales.

Sutton Forest does not resemble Dubai in any way that I’m aware of. It is obvious to all with eyes to see that the scale and design of this proposed development is not consistent with the existing character of the area. There is also a considerable lack of detail in the DA and the helipad proposal has numerous difficulties including lack of information regarding flight paths.

It does not address the likely impact on the natural and built environments and there is no detail about hours of operation and no explanation of what constitutes an emergency and how this would be managed. The ‘multi-purpose’ function hall does not have adequate details of ‘usages’ or hours of operation and does not address traffic generation or upgrades to the intersection or the effects on neighbouring properties.

It seems we should all be grateful for the wonderful opportunity this development offers the shire. As I have said before, ‘jobs and growth’ and opportunities for young people is a good thing, but not at the expense of our green spaces, the rural ambience, heritage treasures and strong links to our colonial past as well as the scenic beauty that makes the Highlands so loved and a tourist attraction in the first place.     

Jenny Ferguson

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