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Opt for inclusion, not exclusion

I would briefly like to discuss the topic of terrorism.

The topic no-one seems to address so readily is the topic of terrorism that exists in so many family homes.

This is the terrorism where a man murders a woman at least once a week in our country.

The affects this has on women in general and the affects tgus has on society should, perhaps, be given much more of the spotlight.

If we have a diseased family, we have a sick society –a society in which some individuals view violence as a normal way of interacting with others.

Thus if we deal with problem such as this we might not have headlines such as terrorism. Our communities need to realise that inclusion instead of exclusion is, in fact, the answer.

We need to realise that in isolating victims, society is assisting the role of the perpertrator in such crimes. Perhaps then, we might come to see a lessening of such crimes in our society.

D Smith

What a lovely town!

My daughter and I recently took the train to Mittagong (from Chatswood). What a lovely town!.

How lucky the people are who live there – fantastic wide streets, really nice homes with great back yards and gardens. Walking around we noticed terrific lemon trees loaded with fruit.

In Sydney lemons in the shops are so expensive and no way fresh like straight off the tree. I wonder in the owners did not use them could they not take the lemons to a charity shop like St Vincent de Paul or the wonderful information centre or even put them on the footpath for sale.

We went down to see Lake Alexandra and we were very impressed after reading all abou the history of the lake, how it came to be and how it was left to the town.

If only our State Government of either side would honour the wishes of people leaving property for the people instead of selling it off. Also the people were so friendly, smiled and spoke as we passed by.

More people, especially those on a $2.50 train ticket, should take the train and visit country towns, a buy a thing or two and enjoy a nice lunch. 

Pat Buchanan


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