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Tackle ‘the real problem’

Dr Hewson laments the ever-worsening traffic congestion on our roads but studiously avoids mention of the one obvious factor - the number of cars on the roads caused by the ever-growing population. 

Apart from the impossible quest for perpetual economic growth by our politicians, an increasing population only has detrimental effects on everything else. More traffic, more overcrowding in schools and hospitals and public transport, more land clearing and pressure on natural habitats and ecosystems, more consumption of energy and resources, more waste, pollution and carbon emissions.

There is not one positive result from further expansion of the population other than to bolster the impossible and destructive, current economic thinking. It is time to start tackling the real problem.

George Lemann

Thanks for the support

We write on behalf of Mel Sheerman who was involved in a car accident three weeks ago on the Hume Highway at Sally’s Corner. She would personally like to thank everyone who stopped to help with her and her three children after the accident happened.

We all very much appreciate it, from the bottom of our hearts. We’ve been in touch with the truck driver that stopped to help and a couple of others too, but want to make sure everyone who was there knows what a difference their support made.

The police officers, paramedics and fire brigade team members who all helped, all of the emergency services deserve praise for their assistance. And the members of the public who stopped were amazing.

Mel has a lot of broken bones and it will take a long time to recover but she’s here and that’s the main thing. She was released from on July 18 from Westmead Hospital after a long recovery and wanted to pass on her gratitude. Mel and Jenny would both like to thank Brooke for her wonderful support, as usual.

Mel, Jenny, Brooke and the Sheerman family

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