Don’t just wing it on the road, read the signs

Frustration about the behaviour of some motorists is a bug bear of many.

A lack of courtesy and consideration, a sense of invincibility and arrogant behaviour are driver attitudes that often raise their ugly heads on the road. Such behaviour can put both the offender and every other road user at risk.

But what about those who simply don’t read the signs clearly visible to all and in place to ensure a smooth run of traffic and safe travels for all. Or is it that they read the signs and ignore them anyway?

How often have you seen a motorist fail to stop at a pedestrian crossing, or drive against the direction of the arrow clearly marked in a shopping centre car park? What about the many times you have seen someone park where there is a sign that clearly says “no parking” or have you ever been locked into your own driveway by a car parked on the street? 

If a motorist can’t see those large white lines for a crossing or the zig zagged line or bright yellow sign leading up to a crossing there is a fair chance they shouldn’t be driving at all.

The same could be said if they fail to see the painted arrows in a carpark identifying the correct flow of traffic. 

The white lines identifying parking spaces are also in place for a reason, not for decoration – they help ensure no-one uses more space than necessary and in turn make sure there are more spaces availble for others. 

These identifying and directive markers are in place for the well being, convenience and safety of everyone. 

And while on the subject of parking, there are no excuses for those who park illegally, including across the driveways of private property.

“It was just for a quick stop” or “there was no where else to park” are not valid excuses. If there is no parking available in the area you need to be then find parking a little further away from your destination. Parking illegally – even if it is “just for a minute” has the potential to block the view path of other motorists and hinder traffic flow, potentially causing risk to other road users.

Blocking a driveway to a private property or business is downright selfish and inconsiderate. Again any person who is unable to identify the entrance to a driveway on the roadside should not be driving at all.

Remember the road is a shared resource – our actions could, and do, affect others.


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