Bionic eyes up for discussion

Visual prosthesies or ‘bionic eye’ will be the focus of discussion at the next meeting of the Royal Society of NSW Southern Highlands branch.

Professor Gregg Suaning, a graduate of the School of Biomedical engineering at University of NSW, will be the guest speaker at the meeting on May 18.

For several decades, cochlear implants have allowed sufferers of sensorineural deafness to participate as part of the hearing world.

More recently, the blind community has captured first glimpses of what the future may deliver in sensory bionics for the treatment of degenerative disorders of the retina.

Prof Gregg will speak about the research challenges and opportunities that stand between where things are today and where they can ultimately restore perfect vision to the blind.

The presentation will be in the Performing Arts Centre at Chevalier College (enter from Charlotte Street) from 6.30pm and all interested people are welcome.

The cost is $10 for non-members and $5 for members.Following the lecture there will be a dinner with the lecturer at the Briars in Burradoo. Bookings for the dinner are essential and can be made by calling Hub Regtop on 0411 192 917.