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‘A great asset’ for the community

There has been some criticism of the saleyards lately including one person describing them as the “failyards”.

The saleyards are a great asset for the whole community and certainly for farmers, both Pitt Street and others.  

Years ago I was fattening cattle and put about 4000 head through the yards per annum so have some idea as to their importance.

About 15 years ago there was a strong push by a couple of councillors to sell or close the saleyards.  

Councillor Gair opposed that move successfully and has been a strong influence in its success as were community volunteer board members, Geoff James and Anthony Guinness.

Criticism is very easy and I don’t know of any organisation that cannot be criticised, but let’s keep it in perspective and not use it to throw mud at an individual, especially one who has worked long, hard and successfully.

Nick Campbell-Jones

Pie throwing gets bad press

The other day, Mr Tony Overheu pushed a pie into the face of Qantas CEO, Mr Joyce, while he was making a speech.

Mr Joyce says: “Qantas has always spoken up on gender issues…no attempt at bullying us into suppressing our voice will work….

Mr Overheu has apologised -- but Mr Joyce intends pressing charges regardless.

The media are emphasising how Mr Overheu is a “fundamentalist Christian”.

So religion is getting a bad press for its “bullying” methods?

Quite right, too.

Imagine if an epidemic of pie-throwing was to break out in the Middle East….

Arnold Jago

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