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Delays on Highlands trains

​#worldclass bring on the next state election! Why are the paying customers put last after freight. Not that freight is of less importance of course, but It's disgraceful. And this is what happens when the line is sold off (leased on a 99 year lease) to ARTC who take out all the crossing loops because they were too expensive to maintain! Now when something breaks down, ah well the line is jammed and broken down trains cannot be passed. Disgraceful!

Michael J Hodge

Event signage safety concerns

Council has been using the same variable message signage around multiple places in the Highlands about upcoming roadworks and detours. Surely they should look at their practice around using the same sort of signage first before judging and following up other community event organisers.

Trisha Kathleen

A bridge for the future

We need to fix the exit to and from rush lane someone will get hurt!

Daniel Thompson

Need to fix the settings on the lights. One car hits the bridge bam! Red. Four cars got through the main road bam! Red ?

Luke Correia

Call for acceptance and recognition

This only creates more division in my opinion. We need to tolerate everyone, not just the side that makes the most noise. We need to learn to tolerate and accept there are people out there who don’t agree and some that do and learn to live with that. Trying to change people who believe certain things because of their faiths etc will only create division and bring harm. Would you tolerate say Christians putting up signs saying that man can not lie with another man? if not you are a hypocrite and no better then those you oppose. How can you expect others to accept and tolerate when you don’t do it yourself?