Red Cross calling has strong support in the Highlands

Zelda Williams.
Zelda Williams.

The mark of a selfless person is their modesty - which is why Chevalier College students want to thank Zelda Williams.

For them, the Red Cross calling is synonymous with Mrs Williams - a kind lady with a generous heart.

While the students door knock in the community surrounding their school, Mrs Williams waits at the school with light snacks, refreshments and decades worth of stories to share. And she’s done so for 40 years at Chevalier, and 55 years total with the Red Cross.

“To volunteer like this is wonderful,” she said. “We help people suffering through extreme drought, bushfires and during disaster periods and help make sure children go to school with breakfast.”

Mrs Williams is fond of the Red Cross’ TeleCross program – a daily phone call to check on the wellbeing of elderly people who live alone. “We check in on them, have a yarn and make sure they’re OK.”

Mrs Williams is a third-generation member of the Moss Vale–Berrima Red Cross branch, following her mother and grandmother who served through the war years. She hopes to continue the tradition, with grandchildren among the staff and student body of Chev.

More than 40 students from the school called on the Highlands to help make a big change with small coins on March 2.

“Some people have been saving up for this all year,” said Year 9 student Harry Denington.

“They know we’re coming around in March, so they put money aside.”

The Red Cross Calling is held each year in March across Australia, with thousands of volunteers collecting donations to support people in need.