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Highlands residents ‘being fleeced’

At the moment petrol prices in Bowral are around $1.44 per litre.

We travel every fortnight to Sydney and in the last week have paid $1.11 per litre.

It is  $1.22 per litre at Robertson.

In Albion Park it is $1.13 per litre. 

Why are people in Bowral being 'fleeced' by the petrol companies?

Could there possibly be a cartel operating? 

Cartage does not make the difference between Marrickville and here.

When will prices be investigated?

Letters to the SH News, on this problem, have been frequent.

We are asked to "buy locally" however, why should we buy locally when there is such a difference in price?

We usually manage to buy our petrol in Sydney as we save half the cost of our trip when we fill the tank.

June Pronk


Good luck to Centennial Vineyards

This wonderful area of ours should be re-named Whinger-carry-on.

Those “goodie-goodie greenies” are at it again, opposing Centennial Vineyards’ plan to revitalise their “Day on the Green” concerts.

Why is it that  locals seem to resent initiatives to attract tourists to the region?

“We don’t want these invaders disrupting our quaint village life” seems to be the cry.

Well, these “invaders” create an influx of funds into the district.

That’s something businesses desperately need to prosper.

When Centennial Vineyards’ application to stage the events went to council, objecting neighbours rounded up an “acoustics consultant” to make a big noise about the adverse impact these shows would have on neighbours.

Get over it!

The plan is to stage just four concerts in a year.

Even council considered this could “reasonably” be tolerated by surrounding residents.

Congratulations and good luck to Centennial Vineyards for attempting to create some entertainment, sadly lacking, in the area.

Owen Dally



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