Educate yourself to be informed

While we all like to think we form our own ideas, it's easy to be swayed without realising it.

The old adage ‘Blue and green should never be seen unless there's a color in between’, has become a rule of thumb for design and fashion which relates back to the colour wheel. And no doubt it is a phrase that springs to the mind of many when they are pairing outfits or decorating their home.

Many have simply followed this rule because it has been so well infiltrated into society. But is this colour combination so terrible? The green leaves of a tree up against the back drop of a bright blue sky is a perfect argument against this colour rule. It’s a simple analogy, but an example of why we should make our own assessments and form our own opinions rather than follow an idea simply because it has gained momentum.

‘The squeaky wheel gets the oil’ is another old adage that drives home this thought process. In society the squeaky wheels are those who speak the loudest and the longest about what they believe. 

It’s great they have strength of conviction on their beliefs and speak out to ensure these beliefs are heard. But in a free society we all have the right to form our own opinion without it being drowned out by those who disagree and are louder.

Above all we have the right to inquire, do research and educate ourselves in matters that could affect us, so that we can develop our own informed opinions. And our individual needs, wants and dreams can greatly vary the way we interpret the information we receive.

This is something that plays out time and again in society. We have a choice to be vegetarian or eat meat, we can choose to marry or live in a de facto relationship, a favourite fashion item might appeal to one person but not another, a development may mean jobs and opportunities for one person while another fears it will be to the detriment of the environment. The list is endless. 

We should embrace the fact that we have the freedom to form our own opinions, regardless of what others may think. By all means listen to the opinions, suggestions and information of others, but also do your own research so you can form an independently informed opinion. Remember, the united opinion of a passionate group of people who herald their message at every opportunity can easily sway the beliefs of an ill-informed person. Educate yourself to make informed decisions. 


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