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Don’t be confused by social etiquette

I’m a feminist, but not rabid about it.

I adore when a man opens a door for me, and you can’t have chivalric etiquette and want to shoot it too.

Is it time to create additional etiquette perhaps? (etiquette being a code of social behaviour which at its best serves to make life simpler, more understandable in company).

Because I feel as though many good men are starting to feel knackered, deconstructed.

What on earth is their New Age role they wonder?

We women need to keep fighting for gender parity, for what’s right and fair, but we might be wise to keep in mind, the balance of Ying and Yang as well.

There needs to be an understanding and respect of gender roles.

How they can be made to shmoooze up to each other oh so delightfully, well that’s a nice challenge hey.

Perhaps we should be looking for ways to celebrate our differences rather than neuter them?

An instructive childhood memory of my migrant parents is of both of them going out to work each day, my father labouring over the washing machine wringer on Saturday mornings, and then my mother sitting upon his knee and canoodling him on Saturday afternoons.

Love affairs are made of this!

So when your gorgeous Southern Highlander boyfriend/husband kowtows to you, or serves to protect you from a wombat crossing the road,  please ladies, see it as a lovely obeisance, very especial, very manly, just pure biology at its best.

And if he engages with a vacuum cleaner as well, well, he’s just heaven isn’t he?

So go spoil him a bit then too, or a lot, okay?

Alexandra Springett


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