Make the effort to reach out in kindness

PLEASE and thank you are simple, but effective words that are used by most.

But have we lost the skill of other common courtesies and general considerations?

How often do you let in a vehicle that has indicated to merge into the traffic, or are you the motorist with the “not my problem” attitude?

The last time you came up to someone reverse parking did you wait patiently for them to complete the manoeuvre? Or were you the arrogant driver who revved past on the opposite side of the road with no consideration for the person trying to park – or for the oncoming traffic, for that matter.

When was the last time you saw a mum struggling with a toddler and a trolley full of groceries? Did you stand back and watch or offer some assistance?

When was the last time you offered praise for a job well done? Or do you only speak your mind when you are frustrated by a situation?

It’s often difficult not to think we are becoming a self-absorbed society, focused only on how we can get what we want and where we want to go, with no consideration to others.

The practise of giving a thank you card or complimenting someone on a job well done is sadly being replaced with people searching for faults in the efforts of others and offering unnecessary criticism.

Surely this negative behaviour doesn’t make anyone feel good. Is it that some people are simply on a power trip, where they only feel good if they are bringing other people down?

Such negative behaviour can also tend to have a flow-on effect. But on the flip side, a kind gesture can be equally broad-reaching.

No doubt most people have been on the end of both good and bad manners at some stage.

And if they have they would realise that a kindness extended to others is as appealing in its giving as it is in its receiving.

Try to remember how good you felt when someone offered you encouragement and kindness and do the same for someone else.

A smile, an offer of assistance, a show of patience – these little things could make a whole lot of positive difference in the life of another.

Like smiling, doing a good thing for the sake of another is contagious.

Do a good deed purely for the sake of it, and help spread to some kindness and selflessness around.


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