From the Commander's Desk with Andrew Koutsoufis | January 13

We have seem some really hot weather lately so we need to be looking after ourselves and our families during such conditions, in so many ways. 

Be mindful not to leave your children and pets in cars as it does not take too long for the inside of cars to heat up to unbearable levels when left unattended.

Just think about how hot it is when you get back in your car after leaving it parked in the sun for a while. 

Well, imagine being stuck in those stifling conditions without being able to turn on the air conditioning or do anything about it.

We also need to be mindful of our loved ones around pools. This holiday period has seen too many drownings of young children in pools and ponds so take that extra bit of time and care to make sure this does not happen to your family.   

Some good police work saw our police arrest a man in Deniliquin on Tuesday who committed an armed robbery in Colo Vale back in April last year. Goes to show that our police do not give up and the chances are that if you commit a crime you will get done for it.

The community should be proud of the tenacity and enthusiasm of our local police, and the fact that they have a real passion for looking after their 'back yard'.

Over the last few months we have seen a number of new officers commence in our Command. I look forward to them making a positive impact on our community.   

We continue to have a problem with "steal from dwelling" offences being committed in the Bowral area. It appears that garden equipment and pot plants are being targeted.

Call us via the police station or Crimestoppers if you know anything. Your identity will be protected.

I also urge anyone who can to "like" our Facebook Page. If you search The Hume LAC you will find it. 

There is a wealth of police and community related information available to the public via this site and I encourage as many people can to join us on this page.

Until next week...