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Good news on library funding 

While attending the Local Government NSW Annual Conference in Wollongong on October 17 I was pleased to see the following motion passed:- 

"That the NSW Government provides increased recurrent funding for public libraries."

This issue was one of my major objectives in standing for council. 

The NSW State Government is now providing 7 per cent of public library funding while local government provides 93 per cent. 

The original library funding ratio was 50 per cent state and 50 per cent local government. 

These particular facts were pointed out to the Premier of NSW The Hon Mike Baird MP during a Q&A session at the conference. 

To his credit he indicated that the government was "aware of the issue and needs to do more." 

I trust the premier is as good as his word.

However, I will make personal representation to him on behalf of the residents of Wingecarribee Shire. 

Councillor Peter Nelson 

Tackling drug education

The Australian Government’s Principles for School Drug Education still say the overall goal is “harm minimisation”.

The rationale being that:

(1) most people use drugs only for a short part of their lives.

(2) it’s impossible to eliminate drugs from society anyway.

(3) therefore, “harm-minimisation” is good enough.

That assumes the main problem with badly-behaved people is their ignorance – therefore education should fix everything.

Plato taught that 2400 years ago. He was wrong. But we still like the idea and sort of believe it. 

It’s wrong because it’s deterministic — telling wrong-doing persons that deep down in their hearts they can never change.

Jesus Christ, however, taught the opposite.

“Blessed are the pure in heart,” he said, “for they shall see God.” (Matthew’s gospel, chapter 5)

Is purity something realistic to aim at?

If we make a start at purely behaving better, can we really with God’s help, re-constitute ourselves?

Perhaps our schools should be teaching that.

Arnold Jago