Police presence a warning for offenders

POLICE in the Hume Local Area Command (which includes the Southern Highlands) should be praised for their efforts to ensure our community is safe.

Some may question whether or not we have enough boys and girls in blue employed in our region. There is little doubt that more police officers in the area would be a great asset.

However, those who are serving our community are going to great lengths to make sure their presence is felt.

It is about three months since the Hume LAC officers supported a strike force that successfully carried out a series of drug raids across the Southern Highlands and Western Sydney.

These raids resulted in the largest drug haul in the Southern Highlands in more than a decade and led to the arrest of more than 45 people across the region through continued investigations.

Meanwhile, more police on the roads, particularly during the October long weekend has offered a strong visual warning for motorists to stick to the road rules.

Many of those who didn’t follow the rules, learned the hard way with police issuing 92 infringement notices, 70 of which were for speeding offences. Five people were also caught driving unregistered vehicles and two were charged with mobile phone offences. One person was charged with low range drink driving.

Police have warned they will continue to target traffic offenders in the lead up to summer Christmas holiday period.

The constabulary continued to make its presence known in the region on the weekend of October 15 and 16 with a series of impromptu visits to licensed premises and some rail travel.

It was a move that led to 18 people removed from licensed premises, and one man arrested for outstanding warrants and two counts of possessing an illicit substance.

Police also issued three infringement notices to people who failed to leave licensed premises and one infringement notice for offensive behaviour.

It would seem that the police are sending out a strong message that they are out and about and eager to keep our community safe. But perhaps the greatest message of all is that if you are doing something illegal there is a good chance you will get caught.

Above all, the visual presence of police in the Hume LAC is a great warning to all to toe the line of the law.


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