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Is Trump a hoax on Republicans?

MAY I suggest that America has been the victim the giant hoax by the Democratic Party.

Over several decades they have groomed him, pushed women onto him, made him say stupid things and got him in difficult situations.

All of which has inevitably been recorded for use later.

In addition they have rewarded him with a tax-free status for more than 18 years.

He was cunningly inserted into the Republican Party itself.

And it is apparent that he now has himself in a position where they are unable to remove him as Republican presidential candidate.

At this point, he is able to say and do anything to ensure his own defeat.

It would seem that not only has he made the Republicans lose the election, but has also led to them tearing themselves apart as a viable political option for most sane Americans for the foreseeable future.

I suspect even Donald Trump himself may see this as a reasonable conspiracy theory.

Bruce Mumford

Moss Vale

Greyhound back flip questioned

THREE months ago, the New South Wales Premier Mike Baird announced his decision to ban the greyhound racing industry in this state.

He did this without consulting his colleagues, the industry or the community.

I opposed that decision.

I believed the actions of a few shouldn’t result in a government punishing the many.

Thousands of honest people whose jobs and livelihoods depend on the industry were ambushed.

Over the last three months, the Premier ignored petitions, protests and industry experts. 

His is a government that doesn’t listen and doesn’t care. 

But with the Orange by-election only a few weeks away, Baird has suddenly back flipped.

It seems the only job Mike Baird cares about is his own. 

Luke Leader

Leader of the Opposition


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