A spoonful of magic

Melissa McShane, George, Terry Oakes-Ash and Paul McShane inspect the Mary Poppins statue. Photo by Dominica Sanda
Melissa McShane, George, Terry Oakes-Ash and Paul McShane inspect the Mary Poppins statue. Photo by Dominica Sanda

A MYSTERY is upon the Southern Highlands.

The Mary Poppins statue in Glebe Park, Bowral, has shifted position.

On its installation, the statue faced west, but now it faces east.

The shift appears to have happened a few weeks ago with some passersby questioning the statue's new position.

It was first discovered by Bowral resident Terry Oakes-Ash's pet dog. On an early morning walk in Glebe Park on March 21, George sniffed that something was amiss. George barked at the statue and sniffed it frantically when Mr Oakes-Ash looked up and realised Mary had switched positions.

Project co-ordinator Paul McShane confirmed the statue's rotation and asked the community to bring forward any theories.

"It is definitely facing the opposite direction. It's very mysterious," Mr McShane said.

"There are a few theories floating around, but we will need the community to help solve this mystery."

There is speculation the rotation has coincided with the equinox, which happens twice a year, in late March and late September. An equinox is when day and night are exactly the same length - 12 hours - all over the world.

The two equinoxes signify a change in seasons, with one in autumn and one in spring.

Another theory places the onus on Mary Poppins herself as there was debate about which direction the statue should face when first placed in the park.

"I'm not sure if Mary herself has switched her direction," Mr McShane said.

"There might be more magic in Mary than we thought."

Mr McShane can confirm that no damage has been done to the statue but said "we won't treat it as a crime scene just yet."

With a lot of theories in the air, the situation can only be described as mysterious and Mr McShane with his daughter Melissa, have asked the community to share their theories and help solve this perplexing puzzle.

Share your theories via email to contact@mary-poppins-birthplace.net and we will keep you posted on this very mysterious mystery.

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