Berrima Diesel back in council spotlight

BERRIMA Diesel is back under the council's radar as it continues its investigation into whether the four-wheel-drive specialist has a right to exist.

Late last year, Wingecarribee Council discovered it had no record of a Development Application for the business, which has operated on the site for more than 20 years.

During closed session at last week's meeting, councillors resolved to send out letters asking the business' neighbours whether they had issues with how Berrima Diesel operated.

The information sought related to things such as noise, fumes, traffic and pollution and the feedback would help the council in determining its course of action.

"In a case like this it is important for the council to be satisfied that the existing use is having an adverse effect if it is to take further action," a council spokesperson said.

"With a lot of history involved, it has taken some time to get to this point, but it is more important to ensure now that the correct decision is made."

There has been an auto workshop on the site going back to the 1960s.

Owner Andrew Leimroth said he was surprised to get a call from the council last week asking to inspect the site.

"We're going to be pressing the council now to be kept informed and that they are transparent with what letters are getting sent to who and that we can have a right of reply to any comments," he said.

"The businesses in town would be pretty upset if we had to go.

"Even today we've had five customers who have gone into town and will meander around all day buying a bit here and there.

"Berrima has a few empty spots at the moment and we certainly don't need any more, not to mention more job losses."

Berrima Diesel is well-known among Australia's four-wheel drive community for its specialist services and often gets clients from near and far.