Grab a club and take a big swing

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SWING: Get your game on. Enjoy time out in the sun this weekend and play a few holes.

SWING: Get your game on. Enjoy time out in the sun this weekend and play a few holes.

A great way to stay active, spend the day out in the sunshine and make new friends, golf is easy to learn and has simple rules – making it an ideal sport to learn at any age or physical stage in life.

The aim of the game is to get the golf ball into the hole on the green using the minimum number of swings or strokes possible. 

The game of golf is played on a course set out on a field of manicured grass. Golf courses can vary greatly in size and length and part of the fun is trying out new courses or different locations to play. The course is usually made up of 18 holes, but it is common to play nine and choose from the back or front nine holes. 

Placing the ball on the tee, the player should aim towards the hole marked with a flag and take a swing, coming into contact with the ball, following though completely, to ensure maximum power is projected into the ball.

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Once the player reaches the green, an area closely manicured to perfection to ensure the ball can roll smoothly, it is then time to take the putter club and attempt to direct the ball into the hole remembering the aim of the game is to use the least number of touches possible.

When the ball is in the hole, it’s time to count the number of swings or strokes used to sink the ball. Keeping score for each hole, the total number being your end score. Scores are written down on a score card to help keep track of the holes. The person with the lowest number at the end wins the game. Scoring is that simple.

Played competitively or just for laughs, golf is a fun sport to play while enjoying the environment around you.

Choose this sport as a way to keep active and as a social outlet – with golf clubs holding golfing social days and competitions to take part in regardless of age.

Fun for the kids, mini golf is a great way to get them involved if they aren’t old enough or patient enough to be able to walk a long course. Often a range of fun hazard-type obstacles are set up to keep your ball from making it’s way easily to the hole. This makes for lots of laughs and requiring a little concentration, mini golf is also a fantastic idea for kids parties.


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