Southern Regional Livestock Exchange report | December 6

Export cattle again remained limited in supply at this week’s Moss Vale sales.

However their price was firm on last week with most making between 2.34-2.58 cents/kg.

872 cattle were yarded in a better quality yarding of cattle at the Southern Regional Livestock Exchange on December 6.

80 cows were yarded and were a shade cheaper 

Good dry cows were between 2.12-2.32 c/kg.

Working cows were between 1.85-2.13 c/kg

Heavy trade (400-500kg) were  similar to last week with most making between 2.78-3.18 c/kg.

Light trade (200-320kg) were firm to 10 c/kg stronger with most making between 3.04 -3.472 c/kg

Restocker steers were 2-7 cents stronger with  most making between 3.28 -3.54 c/kg.

Restocker heifers were seven cents stronger with most making 2.85 -3.36 c/kg.

-Pat Cleary