Kids pack mum and dad's lunch

Jaime Oliver is teaching children how to pack their parents' lunch.
Jaime Oliver is teaching children how to pack their parents' lunch.

Woolworths has partnered with chef Jamie Oliver to encourage Southern Highlands’ kids to try their hand at packing the perfect lunchbox for their parents on Wednesday, October 11.

Pack Your Parents’ Lunch Day is aimed at starting a conversation within Australian families about selecting smart, fun and healthy choices for lunch, and giving children the power to make those decisions.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics only 6 percent of children and 4.6 percent of adults in NSW meet the recommended National Dietary Guidelines for fruit and vegetable intake.

Woolworths Bowral, Mittagong West and Tahmoor Operations Manager, John Maloney said he understood teh challenges parents face when trying to pack a healthy lunchbox.

“Pack Your Parents’ Lunch Day is a great way to reverse roles for a morning and empower kids to be involved the decisions around food choices,” he said. “We look forward to seeing some of the lunches that the kids create on the day.”

A specific day was selected to make it easy for Southern Highlands’ families to add it to their calendars and to get involved. All parents need to do is to encourage their children to pack their lunch for them on the day.

You can also share the kids’ creations via social media using the hashtag #packyourparentslunchday. Jamie Oliver will be reviewing posts made by parents using this hashtag, awarding prizes to the best lunch creations.