Bowral's Sweets and Treats celebrates 10 years

Bowral’s Sweets and Treats is set to celebrate its 10th birthday and countless stories.

The store was registered as a business on Saturday, August 20 in 2007.

Owner Mishell Currie said lolly shops evoked a sense of nostalgia for people.

“I think it takes people back to childhood,” Mrs Currie said.

“I get 15-year-olds coming in saying ‘I remember this lolly from when I was a kid’. 50-year-olds do the same.”

Mrs Currie said the appeal of a lolly shop was universal, and her customers were people of all ages.

“You have everyone, from a mum that wants to take her child on their first trip to a lolly shop, to babies that are fascinated by the colours,” she said.

“I really love to make it an experience. There’s so many stories in the lolly shop.”