Lodge secedes to form new country

Bureaucratic paradise can be found in the Southern Highlands according the owners of the Braemar Lodge.

Tired of fighting local governments and contract workers, owners of the Braemar Lodge Vas and Doreen Khanderkar, have been formally recognised as seceding from the Commonwealth of Australia by the Governor-General.

The newly-proclaimed principality of Dubeldeka clearly states on its crest ‘Tenacity is our virtue.’

“Our aim is to overcome bureaucratic interference,” Mr Khanderkar said.

The ‘declaration of independence’ that Mr Khanderkar put to the Governor-General stated that it was in the interest of protecting the heritage building and the ensuing grounds of Breamar Lodge, which is currently a heritage listed building constructed in 1876.

The secession was prompted by the recent installation of the sewerage system for the northern end of the Southern Highlands.

The owners of Braemar Lodge have claimed that the sewerage scheme could have been installed with minimal effort and at a cheaper price if it did not go through their property.

Mr and Mrs Khanderkar had maintained civil disobedience throughout the construction process, but that did not prevail.

“The cottage has cracked, business was interrupted throughout the building of the sewerage scheme and Doreen had health complaints,” Mr Khanderkar said.

Though the secession is not intended to be a rebellion by the Khanderkar’s, it is to raise awareness to other residents in the Highlands about the possible disruption that can occur when infrastructure is installed.

“With a flick of a pen the Wingecarribee Shire Council were able to make some changes, but they did not make the necessary changes to protect this heritage building,” Mr Khanderkar.

With another flick of the pen Mr Khanderkar has successfully rejected Wingecarribee Shire Council, opting for a bureaucratic utopia of their own.

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